1. That Man

From the recording That Man


That Man Lyrics by: Estrella Delgadillo
When I look at you, can hardly hold my weight to stand.
Trying to reach if I can, a chance to catch that man. 
O, baby it's just a glimpse. Of me and you, ain't got no clue. 
Of what I really really want to do, makes it hard to choose. 
Sparkling wine that's how you shine
all the time in my mind. 
Makes me feel so unsynchronized. 
My heart just skips a beat. 
O, baby it's meant to be. 
It's gonna be just you and me. 
Gotta, gotta take a seat. 
Just to catch my breath. 
Moving closer, my heart can hardly stand the strain.
O, how much longer pain? To keep me in restraints. 
Seems like a simple task, but I know I can't simply ask. 
How can I, when can I, get over there to claim that man for me? 
"I'm so nervous" 
What will he think of me?
I really want him to see. 
The very best of me. 
"Tell me, should I go over there?"