Faith, Hope, and Love

Jamal Mathis & Ryan Smith

A unique presentation blending traditional gospel hymns with modern jazz arrangements.

The musical duo of Jamal Mathis (piano) and Ryan Smith (violin) is bringing to the world a unique fusion of jazz and classical music. Though they have performed together for a number of years, they have finally released their first album together: "Faith, Hope & Love". The project grew out of a shared Christian faith and a love for jazz music. Jamal Mathis and Ryan Smith met while attending classes at Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, Texas and were soon performing together. Both musicians had a strong classical background, but were also interested in persuing jazz. Mathis holds a Bachelor's degree in piano performance and studied under Arlington "Ollie" Jones (pianist for sax player Thomas Braxton). He has also released a CD entitled "Music In The Mix" and has appeared on numerous concerts, radio and television programs. Smith holds a Bachelor's degree in music/media from the University of Texas at Arlington and studied violin with Scott Conklin. He interned under Emmy Award winning audio engineer David Boothe as well as studying, performing, and working with Grammy-nominated jazz musician Mike Bogle. He was also Assistant-Engineer for Bogle's top 30 jazz album "Eternal Family". Bringing together their collective strengths of arranging, audio-engineering, and performing, Mathis and Smith have worked to bring some of the timeless hymns into a new light and have both contributed original compositions to the album. Ultimately, their aim is to bring glory to the God who gave them their talents and enjoyment to their fellow man through music.

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